October Babble Box.

This month’s Babble Box isn’t a Review, we just wanted to share it with you again anyway. Although it has taken a bit to get around to it. :( We get excited every month for our next box…

Sorry the photos this time round aren’t very great. :( It was packed this time, so much so that it didn’t all fit in the box and we got a bonus parcel. Anyway, lets get into it – Spring and Funshine was the theme and here is what was in the October box for 2-3 year olds.



Nudie Juice – No added nasties, sugar or preservatives, just 100% juice. My little man got nothing but lemonade and of course he just had to open and drink it straight away. RRP: $1.95


Twigz Mini Green House – This is such a cool idea and I can’t wait to plant seeds in them with Zavier and watch them grow. A veggie patch is on our list of things this Spring/Summer, so hopefully we get onto it soon. RRP: $11.95


Twigz Tomato or Snow Pea Seeds – We got tomatoes. RRP: $3.50


Cheeki Stainless Steel Drink Bottle – This 350ml drink bottle is great for keeping drinks cold, it seriously keeps it cold for ages. RRP: $13.95


Toyslink Animal Garden Tools – These are pretty cool too and Zavier loves them, they are his favourites from this box. RRP: $11.95


Kaper Wooden Prism – Zavier reckons he can see apples through this. Not sure what that is all about?! :) RRP: $4.95

And lastly there was also a book. For us it was Curly Counts to 10, which is about Curly the Caterpillar’s adventures through the garden. It is a great book for reading together and Zavier loves how certain things on the pages are raised up. It’s great for learning to count. RRP: $7.95


This months donations supported Sids and Kids. http://www.sidsandkids.org


Thank you Babble Box once again for another great package!!

Babble Box is available through their website.


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  1. That is fabulous – I want one!

  2. I get excited over anything that comes in the mail. Too bad we don’t have anything like babble here.

  3. I love that they sent seeds! That’s awesome!

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