30th Golf Par-tee.

My wonderful Husband turned 30 yesterday. He isn’t a big fan of birthdays and doesn’t like the fact that he is getting older. But fact is that’s what happens…we get older. I wasn’t sure how to celebrate his birthday. Originally I had thought about going away for the weekend. Possibly heading to Melbourne, so he could catch-up with one of his mates and I could send them on a Fishing Charter, but end of month always means busy for Jonathan at work and he normally can’t take time off unless it’s dire. And a 30th birthday doesn’t really cut it. I thought about going out for dinner, but our wedding anniversary is in a few weeks too, so we will go out for that and celebrate it all together. Instead I decided to have a party with family and close friends over the weekend and just a quiet dinner at home on Monday night. Parties give us a good chance to catch-up with those we might not see as often as we like.

So I started the party planning, choosing between fishing or a golf theme. I chose golf, a little bit more exciting and colourful to work with. We got a good day weather wise and finally got a chance to have a party at the park. It seems every other party I seem to plan at a park we have had to change venue due to bad weather. Thank you to my sister for getting some great photos of the day. Thank you also to those who came and made it a great day. We hope you had a great time too. To those who couldn’t make it, we missed you.

























Below is a list of a few people/businesses etc that also helped to make the party a success.

Thank you also, again, to my sister for the wonderful Macarons made to match and to my mum for the salad platters. Yum,  yum.

I was a little bit excited on Sunday as well to see that the few photos I shared on Instragram had been liked by Golf Professional Greg Baresel – just a little bit cool. :)

Anyway – To a wonderful Husband and Daddy, we hope you had a great party and a wonderful birthday. We thank you for always being there for us and we love you lots. 30 years young!! May there be many more blessings in the time ahead, God willing. xx


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  1. Best wishes to both of you and I am sure that party was great fun with lots of sweetness everywhere.

  2. Wow! So professional looking! What a great way to celebrate!

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