Social Media Engagement.

As a Social Media Marketing Assistant, I spend a fair bit of time on Facebook. I have my own page for Pink Butterflies, and as part of my job also help run various client and community pages as well as our own business page – Let’s Face It. One of the things I have come across again lately (this isn’t new) are fan pages that do not allow fans/likers to post directly to their wall.

In doing this you are telling your fans that you have no interest in what they have to say. Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are about engaging with your fans and endeavouring to build a relationship with them. Listening to their suggestions, hearing their comments and working on their feedback to better your business, product or service etc.

Social Media can be ruthless, many have no hesitations in naming and shaming, a lot of people can hide behind their online persona. You may be worried about negative feedback, but as the saying goes – any publicity is good publicity. There is no such thing as bad feedback as long as it is responded to and addressed accordingly. See it as an opportunity to engage and discuss. Let your fans know that you value their opinions.

Now we all know Vodafone‘s track record, they don’t get the best rap when it comes to service and they get a lot of negative feedback. They still however let their fans post on their wall and only remove offensive posts. In saying that my husband and I both have mobile phones on plans with Vodafone. Not necessarily by choice, but because we were originally with 3 who have since been taken over by Vodafone. We have never really had any issues though and have been happy with their service. I don’t have any negative feedback for them.

Most of you would also have heard of Dodo. You may not have the best opinion of them either. They’re probably not the first business you would think of when you’re looking for Internet providers etc. They don’t have the best reviews going around. But recently when my husband and I were looking to change our Internet from Mobile Broadband to ADSL2 – Dodo had the best deal and value for money. I was one of those people that Googled for reviews and when we did finally go ahead and sign up I wasn’t 100% certain that we had made the best choice. But in saying that we haven’t had any problems. It did take us a while before we received the modem and got everything set up and going, but coverage and speed have been great since. It’s 10 times faster than our old mobile broadband that’s for sure. Dodo don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account, not that I can find anyway. But i’m sure if they did, they would probably be a bit like Vodafone with their own share of negative feedback.

You may not have millions, or even thousands of page likes/followers, but often quality is better than quantity and if you are doing things right they will soon grow. It is better to have fewer fans who genuinely care about your business etc and will engage with it, than great numbers with no engagement.

To be honest if you don’t want to hear what your fans have to say, there isn’t much point having a Facebook page or Twitter account etc. There are so many Apps available these days so that you can see when a fan has posted to your page and address it accordingly. Facebook Pages Manager is one of them. Social Media platforms are meant for engagement. Engage first, sell second…


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  1. Found you but could only send a message. Which I did, but presuming it went in your others folder so you haven’t seen it. :-)

  2. prayingforoneday

    Well said. I had a few Facebook pages and yeah, people could only post to my page. And you don’t want all these people on your personal FB page. Well I didn’t – way too many of them. So I gave it up.
    There should be a way when you accept someone into your group, you can post direct on their wall.

    Shaun x

    PS: Add away to my personal Facebook.
    Just liked your page also. x

    • Understand not wanting people posting to personal FB accounts unless they are family/friends etc. But I am meaning more corporate pages/identities, businesses, charities etc. You should normally be able to post direct on page walls as long as they haven’t disabled this option in the settings. Groups are different again, and also more of a private option, not really for businesses.

      Didn’t receive a notification to say you liked my page, but thank you.

      Tried finding you, but can only send you a message.

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